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To encourage the following:

  1. Awareness of the terms Albedo and Albedo Enhancement (AE). Such an awareness may become an important survival skill. A white painted roof can cool a house. A cloudy ocean can cool the world.
  2. Awareness of the potential of AE in 1000 projects in 100 countries and their oceans to cool the world 
  3. Growing public and organization-level interest in starting, assisting, or supporting (SAS) an AE project in their country, on land or water. Furthermore:

To encourage people to start, assist, or support:

  1. Salt Flat Albedo Enhancement rejuvenation projects that can be activated by regular flooding and drying to keep them highly reflective. There are 65,000 sq km of endoheic lakes world wide with natural salt flats that could be expanded. 
  2. Desert AE projects using white material over the sand that is maintained at high albedo 
  3. Arid Land AE projects using reflective material that will also aid the fertilization of the soil, cool the surrounds and so support some growth even if it is edible cactus.
  4. Fertile land AE projects such as Regenerative Agriculture with cover crops instead of fallow land. The cover crops reflect more light than plowed soil. This is a huge factor on dark soil such as in Poland. I addition it preserves moisture and when the heat waves hit there is more moisture to evaporate and keep the area cooler.
  5. Cultivate in aquaculture facilities, suitable algae for ocean inoculation such as coccolithophores. Three hundred twenty pounds (of carbon go into every ton of coccoliths produced). When placed in otherwise nutrient poor water this combination can produce an opaque aqu colored sea area with noticeable albedo {NOAA]. Furthermore it sequesters carbon and gives of DMS gas for cloud formation.
  6. Capture and spread Sagasso seaweed, once proven valuable for surface reflection and DMS gas emission and suitable for the new area. It is already proven for carbon sequestration.
  7. Fertilization of the oceans where algae so produced can reflect light and generate DMS gas for cloud formation.
  8. Land Based Cloud Formation according to plans we have prepared so as to shade the land further
  9. Teaching of Albedo and Albedo Enhancement (AE) methods in schools and the relevant science in Universities. There will be many jobs and careers in AE projects and good profits to be made with job satisfaction from  assisting a recovery from the heat and storms.

To develop further with several patents devised so far so that they provide a long-term cash flow to sustain the foundation in the future.