Objective: To encourage governments to help offset global warming using evaporation from sea-water filled Artificial Lakes in desert areas, in conjunction with  aquaculture and regenerative farming to provide partial funding,

and thus to increase shading cloud cover, humidity, and soil moisture content of nearby and larger areas to reduce drought and wild or bush fire risk and generate local cooling.   


Help Offset Global Warming Foundation’s first project was conceived in October 2018 and the Foundation formed on January 18th, 2019 to gather the political strength and contributions from concerned global citizens to help offset global warming.

Initially, models will be further developed to simulate the project and help select the most suitable locations around the world. Initially, suitable test sites might include South Australia’s Lake Eyre and a  THREE LAKES combination project in Baja California, and California. If the US or Australian government’s interest can be obtained to carry out a project there then large aquaculture and agricultural crops become possible in nearby desert areas. The Three Lakes could add 5 billion tons of moisture to the air over California. Lake Eyre could add 24 billion tons of moisture to the air over Australia.

Saltwater Lakes and new Freshwater irrigation Areas

We have developed mathematical models showing that very significant net cooling of the hot desert air through the evaporation of seawater channeled or piped or tunneled from the nearest Ocean may be worth significant investment to increase humidity and soil moisture, especially when coupled with the value of new croplands, associated with desalinated water irrigation of nearby croplands to sequester or capture carbon will be the first phases. The crops would best use regenerative farming and perhaps CAM crops (Such as agave and spineless prickly pear) which require only 1/10 of the water of regular crops.


There are at least 18  below sea level offering 65,000 sq km of lake area possibilities and many more above sea level suitable areas around the world. Huge aquaculture and new agricultural crops would accompany the cooling effects.

If you’d like to contribute to our efforts in other ways, please contact us at Ken@HelpOffset.org or Info@Helpoffset.org.

Help mobilize our collective concern to encourage governments to execute this project to help offset global warming.

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…The tipping point may be as soon as 2030* when atmospheric carbon dioxide content increase is irreversible and we can no longer stem global warming…

We can encourage projects to offset Global Warming with your support and give time for CO2 reduction to take place and provide a permanent cure to the potential world-wide disaster. 

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