Help Offset Global Warming Using Evaporation, Reflective Salt, Carbon Capture (Sequestration) and Regenerative Farming is a foundation legally formed on January 18th 2019 to gather the political strength and contributions from concerned global citizens to help offset global warming .

Initially, mathematical computer models will be developed to simulate the project and help select the most suitable locations around the world. Initial suitability test sites include South Australia’s Lake Torrens and perhaps Lake Eyre. If the Australian government’s interest can be obtained we will carry out a project there. So far US sites look too expensive to pursue at this stage.


Cooling of the hot desert air through evaporation of seawater piped from the nearest source, followed by a salt flat reflection of sunlight in some areas, then use of the resulting massive salt production to sequester or capture carbon will be the first three phases. These will be accompanied with regenerative farming (for some appropriate sites) involving night time irrigation of nearby poor soils with desalinated water of crops with deep root structure. Other additional methods have been conceived and will be investigated.


There are many below sea level and above sea level suitable areas around the world with vast areas, some are 300 meters below sea level thus allowing production of hydroelectric power to further make the projects viable and self-supporting.

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Help mobilize our collective concern to execute this project to help offset global warming.

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…The tipping point may be as soon as 2030* when atmospheric carbon dioxide content increase is irreversible and we can no longer stem global warming…


We can stop Global Warming with your support and give time for these wonderful plans to take place and provide a permanent cure to the potential world-wide disaster. 

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