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Free gift with $16/month annual membership
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Our funding will be in different stages

Stage One

Stage one relies on friends’ and acquaintances’ contributions.

Donations can be made on the site with credit cards, PayPal, etc and you can also make checks out to “Help Offset GWF ” and post to Help Offset Global Warming Foundation at 17 Hillcrest View, Hartsdale NY 10530

Stage Two

We have  a research plan to capture data that will allow us to quantify cooling effects, select other sites and determine if we need 150,000 km² or only 30,000 km² of lakes to offset global warming.

A top objective is to take advantage of the recent (April 2019) abnormal flooding of Lake Eyre in South Australia. This is a highly evaporative area (3 meters/annum) so the 6 meters deep lake will evaporate quickly. It may not flood again for ten years.

We have stated the research using satellite data but on the ground data acquisition is estimated to cost $437,000.

Stage Three

This stage will move from an analysis of Stage Two data to design and encourage the construction of major projects so that the required lake areas can be formed.

WE CAN STOP GLOBAL WARMING WITH YOUR SUPPORT!! and gain time for the work of thousands of other people who are taking steps to reduce it through reducing and sequestering carbon emission and for other geo-engineering projects to be constructed.

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