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Our funding will be in different stages

Stage One

Stage one relies on friends’ and acquaintances’ contributions.

Donations can be made on the site with credit cards etc and you can also make checks out to “Help Offset GWF ” and post to Help Offset Global Warming Foundation at 17 Hillcrest View, Hartsdale NY 10530

Stage Two

Next in Stage Two will be a crowdfunding campaign, in which the target goal may be $500,000. This will enable us to carry out extensive studies to select the best site and design of the first project.

This stage will also, we strongly believe, begin to confirm and validate that interest in steps and projects offsetting or curbing climate change “by the people and of the people” exists in concerned citizens internationally. Thereafter, we will initiate Stage Three.

Stage Three

Stage Three will be invitations to well off individuals, large corporations and Foundations and even countries to participate. Our first project is ideally best done on a large scale and may cost an estimated $90 million.  Insurance companies should be very interested due to the potential to reduce the damage from weather-induced catastrophes, hedging their risk premiums.

Mathematical modeling will be employed to prove the viability of variations on the plans in terms of different locations and project construction design.

WE CAN STOP GLOBAL WARMING WITH YOUR SUPPORT!! and gain time for the work of thousands of other people who are taking steps to reduce it through reducing carbon emissions to be effective.

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